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Childcare is provided for children kindergarten and younger.   Please complete a Moppets form for each child that will participate in the program.  Contact our Moppets coordinator with any questions or concerns.  Karen Sayre at [email protected] or 720-217-8396.

A message from your MOPPETS Coordinator....


Welcome to MOPPETS. We are very excited for a new year, and are so glad to have you join us. Please read through our policies and guidelines. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our MOPPETS Coordinator Karen Sayre.

Classroom Program

We are excited to have the opportunity to teach and care for your child. The MOPPETS program is designed to teach children from 6 months through Kindergarten. Your child will be involved in the program from 9:15-11:30 while you spend time in fellowship with other moms. Children will be assigned to rooms based on age. They will stay in their assigned rooms the entire year, unless the MOPPETS staffs find a need to move a particular child. We will not switch rooms during semester. Rooms are staffed based on the number of children in each room. Please do not switch your child to another room, this can potentially mess up our class numbers. Child to staff ratios are set by the State, we need to stay within those guidelines so we do not get into trouble. You may drop off as early as 8:50am and they must be picked up by 11:40. Children are placed in rooms based on their birthdays, age cutoffs are based on a September 1st date. 

Classroom Breakdowns

Nursery: 6 months - 2 years old 
Little kids: 3-4 year olds
Big kids: 4 1/2 - and up

Bracelet System

Each family is assigned a number. That number will be your number all year long. Each meeting you will have a Nametag to wear with your assigned number. The number on your Nametag will correspond to the number on your child’s Bracelet. When you drop off your child you must sign them in on their rooms sign in sheet. At pick up time, you will sign them out, show your nametag to the teacher doing check outs so she can match your nametag to their bracelet. This will be the only way to release your child at the end of meetings. Sign in/out is very important it helps us track numbers to provide proper teacher to child ratios each meeting.  Bracelets and name tags are to help create a safe and secure environment for your children. If you need someone else to pick up your child they must have your nametag, otherwise they will not be released. Visitors-if there is a new visitor there are visitor bracelets. They can be assigned a temporary number and bracelet until they become a permanent registered member. Then they will receive a permanent family number, bracelet, and name tag (s). 

Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children of MOPS moms so that each has the opportunity to grow in their relationship with GOD and others.


If you have questions or concerns about our MOPPETS program please don’t hesitate to contact the MOPPETS Coordinator.

Karen Sayre 303-551-0368 home

720-218-8396 Cell

[email protected]

Check out

Please be patient during check outs it can get crazy during that time. There will be one lead teacher doing all check outs at each room. We understand that everyone is in a hurry to get out and home, but please be patient with our lead teacher as she handles one mom at a time. We want to make sure that all security procedures are taking place and every child is with their mom.

Diaper Bags

There is a no diaper bag policy. Due to space limitations in our classrooms, as well as, to help make things easier on our teachers when trying to find each child’s belongings. Please have a Ziploc bag with all necessary items in the bag (i.e. diaper, change of clothes, bottle/cup, and pacifier). All items must be labeled, including the bag. 

Peeking Moms

Leaving your child for the first time, or any time, can be challenging for both mom and child. Occasionally you may feel the need to “peek in” on your child. We ask that you refrain from doing so as it can cause your child to “want Mommy” that much more.

With toddlers often if one cries, then pretty soon they all start crying. Our policy is for the MOPPETS Coordinator to contact you if your child needs you. Rest assured in knowing your child is in good hands. If you really feel you need to have your child “peeked in” on please ask the MOPPETS Coordinator or a Mentor Mom to do so for you.


Any and all items left with your child must be labeled with his/her name. These items include diapers, bottles, cups, coats (in winter), pacifiers, etc. Please do not bring any unnecessary toys as we cannot be responsible if they are lost or broken. Please bring a bottle/cup for any children under 2. Paper cups are provided for children 2 years and older.


Snacks will be provided for your child so please don’t bring any from home. Bringing snacks from home can present problems for those with allergies. If your child has a food allergy please bring it to the attention of the MOPPETS Coordinator as well as the classroom teacher, so we can try to make special arrangements if necessary. Water is provided in cups for children 2 and up. Cups and bottles will need to be provided for those under two. Nursery-please feed babies before putting them in the nursery. Nursery staff cannot feed babies jarred food, due to the number of babies in the nursery, and no high chairs. Bottles are ok. We provide animal crackers and gold fish for our snacks, cheerios in the nursery-if applicable.


The minimum age for infants is 6 months, until then they are welcome to join you in the meeting. Once they reach 6 months we encourage you to use the nursery so you can enjoy some mommy time off. 

Older Children/No School Days

We understand that older children have days off of school. Please let your DGL or the MOPPETS Coordinator know before bringing them and adding them to a class. Our classroom numbers are set by state guidelines. We don’t mind adding them to a classroom but please let us know they are coming beforehand so we can accommodate them and the classroom.


We use time-out for discipline in our classrooms. We will give a child 3 times in time out before our MOPPETS Coordinator will bring your child to you. You may return your child to the class the following meeting. This is for the safety of your child, other children and so our teachers can focus on the entire class and not just one child. Also, taking that one teacher to constantly work with that one child in a sense reduces child to staff ratios, which again hinders classroom structure. There will also be an incident report filed out each time a child is returned to mom and kept in the classroom book. We will also fill out a report if your child is injured in any way.

Sick Policy

It is our goal to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. We ask that you keep your baby or preschooler at home with any of the following symptoms or illnesses: Fever, runny nose (yellow or green), questionable rashes, coughing and diarrhea. If your child is being treated with antibiotics, they need to be on the antibiotics for AT LEAST 24 hours before attending MOPPETS. Our teachers are not permitted to give medications, so please do this before arriving.

We recognize that not all runny noses or rashes are contagious. If your child continually has a runny nose or rash due to non-contagious allergy please let us know. If your child should come down with Chicken Pox or head lice after a MOPS meeting please contact our MOPPETS Coordinator immediately.

Symptoms of Chicken Pox, head lice and Pink Eye.

Chicken Pox: Contracted 24 hours before rash-6 days after. Spread through direct contact, contaminated clothing and saliva. Incubation period is 12-21 days. Contagious period until crusts have fallen off and scars have healed. Symptoms are a slight fever, rash that appears as flat red splotches then becomes raised and resembles pimples, in hours develop into blisters that itch.

Pink eye: contracted through direct contact with discharge. Symptoms are burning eyes, itching, thick discharge, and pinkish hue on white of eye.

Head lice: contracted by contact. Symptoms are “nits”, which are clusters of louse eggs and appear as tiny white lumps on hair strands, which resemble white rice. Lice bite and their bites itch.

This information serves as a guideline only and is not intended to replace the information provided by a family doctor. Your family doctor should be contacted for complete details regarding treatment and symptoms.